Ha! The old adage from a ’90s-era bumper sticker fits Mylan’s EpiPen recall current situation perfectly. Although the manufacturer of EpiPen, probably did not have a very good karma cache in the first place. The start of the 2016 school year was a surprise shock to the wallet for many parents with children that suffer… Read More

Back in 2013, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board announced their plan to implement an accredited education requirement starting in 2020. This would ensure some consistency in training if certified pharmacy technicians achieved this requirement. Sounds good, right? If you have read our past blog posts, then you know that Pharmacy Tech Review is staunchly against… Read More

Sitting in front of a stranger explaining why you are a good fit for the job can be quite a challenge. Most likely, the interviewer is well-prepared. Will you be? I have bombed interviews so I know the crushing feeling that comes with it. That bad feeling passes though and helps you to better prepare… Read More

Asking for a pay raise can be intimidating no matter what career you have. You might think of myriad reasons why a pay raise is justified, but can you verbalize these reasons to your boss? Many of us turn into a sputtering mess when we have to justify ourselves. Personally, my voice jumps a couple… Read More

There is a list of pharmacy Sig codes, also known as medical abbreviations, to learn if you work as a pharmacy technician. Some you will use every day, while others not so much. Learning them all for the PTCE can be overwhelming along with learning the other material. We narrowed down the list to the… Read More

Spring is in full swing and your pharmacy tech career should be too! Enter code Yay4May! at checkout to get $10 off Pharmacy Tech Review Test Bank Click the picture to go to the test courses! Practice all the subject areas tested on the PTCE with the 990 Test Bank. The 990 Test Bank features… Read More